About Us

We're a non-profit, Virginia corporation based in Norfolk, Virginia.

We're supported by a loose confederation of volunteer companies, organizations, educators and individuals who think combining philanthropy, technology and sound pedagogy can expand educational opportunities for emerging markets around the world.

Our Teaching Philosophy

In the form of Frequently Asked Questions, the below provides a sense of our philosophy:

Who will be taught at Campus in a Box schools?

Campus in a Box was born out of a desire to offer a quality education to any student who is excited about learning and becoming a critical thinker on his/her educational journey. Our biggest desire in our educational process is to turn every student onto the love of learning and ultimately become a lifelong learner. Respectful people who are passionate about learning will be welcomed with open arms at a Campus in a Box School (CIB) regardless of location in the world

What subjects will be taught?

The core subjects of reading, writing, math, science will be taught in every CIB school. The cultural elements that are taught in courses like history, second languages, art, music will be determined more specifically by leaders of each school. Physical education will be an essential part of every school. At CIB, we believe a healthy body is necessary for the best learning to happen in the classroom.

How will it be taught?

With the state of the art technology in a CIB school, much of the learning in all subject areas will be through on-line texts and the world wide web. While the upkeep of computers can be tricky and when systems go down student learning can be compromised, we believe it is the most realistic approach to our teaching given budgets and access to printed materials in different languages. However, CIB will partner with existing organizations whose missions are to get books into the hands of developing nations so learning isn’t restricted to when the student is at school

How will we support our teachers?

We envision CIB schools will span the globe in the years ahead. Our ultimate goal is that teachers are supported by their own administration with professional development opportunities annually that will come in all different shapes and sizes depending upon the region of the world. One common component of every CIB school will be mentors from other parts of the world for all teachers who seek out such opportunities. There will be easy access through online means. The critical part will be getting word to all teachers in all schools that such resources are available and the details of how to access such support from experienced teachers around the globe.

What best practices will be adopted?

In order for a CIB school to open in any region of the world, there needs to be a proposal to the governing body of CIB with a mission statement, organizational accountability plan, projections of students, budgetary projections, where teachers will be accessed, how they will be trained, and health and safety measures for all students. If a plan for a new school is accepted CIB, the team of founders of the new school will be presented with general tenants of best practices in each curricular area. These tenants will be developed by curriculum coordinators in the States who are experienced educators and base their own pedagogy on scientifically based results of sound research. While there will not be direct oversight from the governing body of CIB once a school is established, there will be a five year accreditation process which will be a written document that answers major standards outlined by a standards committee. In order to continue getting mentoring support as well as other benefits from CIB, each school must pass the accreditation process.