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Initial 3-D Representation

Our design and development team has incorporated a range of ideas from the many thought leaders we've been collaborating with over the past months into a 3-D representation of what a school might entail. Take a look. If what you see strikes a chord and you want to provide some feedback, contact us. We love the input as we keep pushing our project along

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The Need

Extensive poverty and other sociological factors have lead to illiteracy rates of more than 50% in many parts of the world. And for women and girls, it’s often worse. Our venture creates technology-enabled, network-connected schools from old shipping containers, exports them to regions in need, and then supplies them with the on-going support they need to be successful.

Takes a Village

You can lend support in a variety of important and fun ways. Want to be one of our first volunteers to go on the missions to deliver the schools? Or be on our advisory panel? Or have your school be a sister school? If so, contact us from the form below.

Educational Philosophy

To learn more about our educational philosophy, which is evolving, go to the About section of our site. If you like what you read or have any constructive feedback, please feel free to Contact Us.


We’re working with faculty and student teams at Old Dominion University and Hampton University in a true regional collaboration. Go Monarchs and Pirates!

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Every school will carry a name. Our prototype is being named "Ephraim Hall at..." -- after Ephraim Williams, an educational benefactor from our colonial days -- and is slated for a town in the Louga region of Senegal. If you're associated with a family office, corporation or school and are interested in creating a lifetime of opportunities and knowing more, "Contact Us."

Design Challenge

Teams will be involved with the final designs for core components of our schools. While the prototypes are being created by our existing team, we know there's better thinking out there. Accordingly, through a series of contests we'll solicit your thoughts. Come back to the site regularly for information on the challenges or register above and be automatically updated.

Innovation Advisors

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Our Model School?

We’re working on a home in which to build it. Keep your eyes and ears open.

Coming Soon:

Sue Wells, head of the Pine Cobble School in Williamstown, MA, in her (very) limited spare time from running a school and being an active parent is leading our effort to create an academic framework. READ a bit of the early thinking

Advisory Panel:

We're making solid headway in building an informal group of advisors. They're all volunteers and share a passion for game changing innovation. Some recent additions to our team:

Laura Battaglia, Faculty, Hampton University

Robin Bienemann, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, University of Connecticut

Rafael Landaeta, Faculty, Old Dominion University

Sue Wells, Head of School, Pine Cobble School